After the end of the winter season and by the time we can emerge from hibernation, this is the best time to provide your trees the care and love that they should receive from us and prepare your gardening gloves. In this article, we will be discussing what you can do to guarantee that your trees will be happy and healthy throughout the summer season. 

Get your trees inspected regularly 

Similar to us human beings, our trees are also part of the living things that still require a comprehensive inspection to make sure that they are still of good health. As much as possible, ask an expert tree specialist to inspect for any signs of damage or disease, if they are leaning, if they have dead limbs that must be eliminated ASAP or even the unusual things such as the presence of pests and discolored leaves.  


Tree pruning and tree lopping Mackay are highly recommended to cut away hazardous branches that are rotting, diseased, and rotting limbs and branches. This way, pests, and diseases won’t be able to spread even more and result in severe problems anytime within a year. Although, spring is especially the ideal time to take action in keeping up your trees and any problems that they are having by that time since this season is when the weather starts to warm up. If you can observe any branch or limb that overhangs onto your power lines, gutters, roof, and other services that can potentially lead to damage once it falls down. 

Spring cleaning is a must 

To promote healthy development, you have to deal with all the fallen leaves, branches, and any other types of debris in your yard. Spring is the perfect time to get your palm trees cleared off any dead fronds that are usually unappealing and hazardous.  


After the freezing season, your trees will more likely to take advantage of additional improvement. Hence, when you apply slow-release fertilizers, it can help promote the development and get protected from potential pests and disease. However, you need to guarantee that you’ll only utilize the appropriate fertilizer for your trees. Whenever you are not sure of the perfect fertilizer to utilize, it is always best to ask and consult the expert tree arborists about this matter. Make sure to only trust arborists who are certified, insured, and someone who can walk you through on every queries you have for the betterment of your trees.  


Though you can actually apply mulch any season it may be, doing this during the springtime can particularly beneficial. To improve the moisture levels of your trees and to fight weed development, the rule of thumb would be to add 2-4 in. of mulch and surround your trees with it. Make sure to refrain from piling up the mulch too near to the tree trunk’s base as this could be damaging for the health of your trees.