Because of not having much time to take of the house tools or the carpentry tools, then you might realize that you have rusty tools already when you’re using it. Most of the parents would be very afraid that their kids would use or play with the tools and it hurts them so it would cause trouble or the tetanus. It is common that most of the rich people would use a Chicago sandblasting to remove the rusts from the surface of the tools or the machines with this problem. Remember that a rusty tool would not be a good thing to use anymore as it would not work properly and may cause injuries or accidents when you’re using it.  

It is going to be a not so good idea if you are just going to throw them away because you are thinking that they are too useless for you. This is not a good idea especially when that tool is too expensive and you haven’t used it for many times because you are not fond of fixing things around. No matter how hard or thick the rusts around the iron tools, then you could still find a good way to remove the problem there and make it even better. There are simple ways to follow here and there are some ways that you would need some time and energy in removing the rust to the metal items you have.  

The best hacks could be around your house and you don’t need to spend a lot of money just to remove the stain of the rust to the metal tools.  

Others would even have the idea of using a sandpaper to make things easier in removing it and have a shiny result to the metal items and tools in there. You actually make yourself busy by doing this and you would realize that everything that you do here will give you enough and great knowledge about removing the rust there. You could soak the metal tools to the water with soap especially the one that you are using for the dishes or the plates and a bit warm water here. After a few minutes, you could sponge to remove the other particles that were stuck to the handle or the surface of the metals or other iron stuff there.  

Try to check the part with the most rust as you need to start there to get rid of them very well and try to use a good scrubbing material. It is nice to use steel wool or sandpaper for this kind of problem for the rust so that they could easily be removed without the hassle there. Of course, don’t forget to rinse the metal tools as you need to make sure that the particles of the rusts are totally removed and no trace of it anymore. Make sure to wipe the tools with a dry tissue or towel so that the liquid would not be there and be dry.