Oftentimes, people develop hate/love relationships with various weights of uniforms and various brands of uniforms. The ideal GI for you may change. This depends on what your purposes are and who you ask.  

For amateurs, it is essentially simply a huge mess of colored pajamas. Before you enroll in a Washington DC Chinese martial arts class, here are things you should know when choosing your GI. 


The uniforms’ prices greatly differ. In general, lightweight GI is more affordable. On the other hand, the price can run from $85 to $350 when you get into the heavier weights. Also, the brand will have a huge impact on the price. Oftentimes, the major differences in regards to brands are how well they lay on your body and how stiff they are. Also, you will see differences in how the GI wears out quickly and the amount of stitching.  


You will have two primary colors to choose from when it comes to karate. This includes black and white. Black is commonly utilized and has traditional roots. On the other hand, white is the most common and is appropriate in most dojos. Anything beyond these colors is considered extremely dojo-specific and more modern. It is vital to keep in mind what regulations and rules they abide by if you want to join a dojo.  

Taekwondo GIs have a tendency to include a colored collar or just plain. Judo and jiu-jitsu have a tendency to utilize blue or white, with black as a less common one. Arts like Kenjutsu and Aikido also use a hakama 


For those who do not know, GI is the Japanese word for the uniform. However, Dobok is the term used in Taekwondo. However, they’re generally the same thing. Every uniform consists of two main components. The zuban (pants) and uwagi (jacket). 

The uwagi has two open flaps in the front that are tied cross. First is the left flap tied to the right exterior side. The second is the right flap tied to the left interior. It is vital to keep in mind that taekwondo and karate uniforms have these straps. On the other hand, Judo and jiu-jitsu don’t have these. The reason for this is that jiu-jitsu and judo use a lot of twisting, pulling, and grappling. The straps of a regular karate GI will get yanked off extremely fast.  

The method of securing the pants is another difference you will see. The more old-school GIs have drawstring ties. A couple of the most modern forms of GIs have an elastic waist. You can use any of these styles in general.  

Looking for individuals that wear various brands is one of the best things you can do when you’re shopping around. You should ask them how they like the material and the fit. You can also ask them if you can try it on if you really want to feel it.  

Tactical experience is your main priority when it comes to buying a GI that’s right for you. Do your research and it will help you a lot.